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Currently working on...

How to Train Your Dragon

- Reversioning a TV series that continues the adventures from the hit children's film.
Client : DreamWorks

Dennis and Gnasher

- Reversioning the legendary Beano hero’s Dennis and Gnasher into Welsh. 52 x 11 mins.
Client : S4C

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Crwbanod Ninja

- Reversioning the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into Welsh. 52 x 22 mins.
Client : S4C

Facilities Portfolio About Us
Dub Suite:
Full 5.1 Dolby Surround.
Industry standard SADIE software/hardware for Mixing.
Nuendo and Pro Tools used for tracklaying.

Comfortable working environment sharing premises with the award wining Caban café.

The only totally isolated Studio Room in North Wales.
State of the art Studio/Booth suspended within the building using a floating floor technology. Fully air conditioned with a fresh air feed, ensuring artists can work for long periods.
This cuts out all extraneous noise, and leaves the actor in a perfectly peaceful room.

The room is also fully air conditioned with a fresh air feed, ensuring artists can work for long periods.
And finally, the best microphone in the bussiness: the legendary Neuman U87
Horrid Henry / Henri Helynt

Baby Jake / Bobi Jak

Horse Man
Chawrel/Channel 4.


The Menai / Y Fennai - 2010/2011
The flagship S4C documentary series.

Cei Bach
The Bafta nominated children’s comedy drama series.

Grange Hill
BBC1 drama

Moving On
In The City
Let loose

Channel 4 dramas

ITV Programme

Family Planning
BBC Comedy Series

Dennis The Menace / Dennis a Dannedd
Microscop hyd
Byd y pws

S4C Productions

Top Notch Films
(Independent movie)
Steven Stockford has been working in broadcast television for over 30 years with on programs ranging from items to full blown films.

Steven established Lefel Dau in 1997 and moved the business to the arts, craft and creative centre The Caban in North wales in 2004.
The facility at the Caban even boasts a floating acoustically treated sound studio.

Steven can offer guidance and production capabilities for virtually any project.